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The MCTP is one of three Integrated Graduate Education and Research
Training (IGERT) Programs at UCLA.

This IGERT Program is funded by the National Science Foundation,
the California NanoSystems Institute and the UCLA Graduate Division.

  • The MCTP prepares doctoral students to be leaders in the global technology workforce.
  • MCTP Fellows design, synthesize and characterize novel molecules and assemblies that are the constituents of new materials and devices.
  • Trainees master a specific discipline while learning to communicate and work in cross-disciplinary fields.

MCTP Master Fellows Bridge Internship Program
Six-week summer research internship with an MCTP Faculty
Application Deadline is May 31, 2011
Bridge Internship Flyer 2011
Bridge Internship Application 2011

Read about us in C&E news from ACS Publications.
To learn more about IGERT, visit the NSF-IGERT website.
Other IGERTs at UCLA are:

Clean Energy for Green Industry at UCLA 
Interdisciplinary Relationship Science Program (IRSP)
MCTP Flyer

Robin Garrell describes how IGERT has catalyzed institutional change at UCLA